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Agne Deveikyte
Basé à Lithuania / VilniusMembre depuis novembre 2017
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Agne Deveikyte
Founded in 2008, We create style, not fashion.
Basketweave details Every garment is unique and unrepeatable – just like You. The distinct feature of Agne Deveikyte women’s clothing are basketweave decorations. Those details, which are used in almost all garments, are unique and unrepeatable, because they are hand-made.
Thus, every dress, skirt, sweater or coat, although looks similar from a distance, is actually unique from close up because of all those decorations.

Designer with passion We put our passion and heart so You could have a garment, with which you could fall in love. New collections, wedding dresses and custom made garments are born only because of designer Agne Deveikyte. Having more than 8 years of experience she presents two collections every year and also creates dozens of wedding dresses and custom garments for her clients. Agne’s experience allows her to turn pencil drawn drafts on paper to amazing looking dresses, which You would like to wear every day.

Modern classics We create garments for You – women, who value classics, elegance, uniqueness and quality. We love classic women’s clothing which we create by injecting a bit of modernism to them. Final result – garments that are minimal, have geometric forms and contrasting combinations, yet look feminine and elegant. Those are the garments that will look great in every day life and on those special occasions as well.

Attention to You Clothes are important, but it’s much more important for You too look amazing, when wearing them. Of course, we care not only about our clothes but also You, our client. We want you not only look, but feel amazing as well, when wearing our garments. That is why, when ordering clothes on our e-shop Agne will personally contact you and find out, which size or model would be best fitting for you. We can also make all the necessary alterations so that the garment would look perfect on you.

Slow fashion Don’t be in a hurry and find your style with Agne Deveikyte. We are not chasing fashion and are not creating short lived garments. Fashion comes and goes away, but style can stay forever. We value quality, style, classic and longevity and think that it’s not the amount of clothes in your wardrobe that matters, but how long and often you want to wear them. That is why we create garments that You could adopt to your style, value them and want to wear them for many years.
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Bright & Bent est un concept store dédié à la promotion et la commercialisation de créations d'artistes authentiques de mode et décoration intérieure

Bright & Bent est un concept store dédié à la promotion et la commercialisation de créations d'artistes authentiques de mode et décoration intérieure